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NO pain, NO needles,

NO surgery, NO downtime.


Safe way to sculpt stubborn body fat.

With noticeable results after just one session, this weight loss technology can reshape how you look and feel!

Lose Inches Immediately


Visible reduction in the circumference of the abdomen area and the appearance of cellulite.

Your Trusted Body Sculpting Experts

Our technology is the only low-frequency focused ultrasound device cleared by the FDA that provides painless, safe and immediate results. Common uses include decreasing abdomen size, reducing cellulite, as well as tightening and toning of arms, abdomen, back and hips.


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Ultimate Contour Technology uses Low-frequency focused ultrasound

About Beyond Body Sculpting

Targeted areas



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Experience an immediate reduction and lose up to an inch in the abdominal area on your first visit.



*Please note each body is different and responds in a variety of ways to treatment. While noticeable results are achieved in just one session, the most successful results typically require 3-6 visits treating a single area.



Fantastic results in a reduction in the circumference of the arm paired with a tightening of the arms in as little as one session as seen above.


 *Please note each body is different and responds in a variety of ways to treatment.

Multiple treatments of the arms will result in more noticeable firming of this delicate trouble area.




Leg and Knee

Our technology will smooth and firm the skin in problematic areas such as the thighs, hips, and knees. Comprehensive body contouring options for fat, cellulite, and

skin tightening are customized to each patient.

 *Please note each body is different and responds in a variety of ways to treatment.

Shelby Skabelund

"Amazing! I have always had love handles and belly fat as my problem areas like most men in their 40’s. Before the procedure, they measured my mid-section with a tape measure. I was very aware of how they were measuring, as I was aware of the “tricks” to make it “appear” as if there was a reduction. They held the tape measure loosely on both before and after measurements. I was blown away. After one treatment with ULTIMATE CONTOUR™, they took 1 ½ inches off my waste line. I have been eating healthy and exercising and I am still seeing results. I would highly recommend it if you are looking to jump start your weight loss journey or just looking to fit into those smaller clothes!"

Dr.Greg Chernoff


"I have had the opportunity of using this system since its' release. In considering purchasing any system, I seek the highest intersecting point of safety and efficacy. The Contour System is easy for my Staff to use, and consistently provides realistic results that my patients seek. In comparison to other systems, it is not uncomfortable for the patient, and very safe to use. Our Quantificare Analyses show ongoing improvement with each treatment. I have no hesitation or reservation in giving the Ultimate Contour my highest recommendation."

dr.Michael H. Gold


"Ultimate Contour uses technologies RF and ultrasound that are well-understood in the aesthetic medical community. Treatment is very comfortable, and we're seeing patients lose inches quickly, with results visible almost immediately and progressing over the course of treatment. I can't argue with results like that, especially when patient comfort is also high. This also means patients come back for more treatment and tell their friends. In this day and age patients are looking for a treatment just like Ultimate Contour: safe, effective, and painless with results that seem to come quickly."



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2 hour session

3- 30 min Detox Session in a Red Light Therapy Bed

Buy 3 get the 4th session 50% Off

Buy 5 get the 6th session FREE

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